Digital Marketing Skills

4 Key Digital Marketing Skills Recruiters are looking for in 2022

Digital marketing skills its essential ideas from the old marketing playbook. Like conventional marketing, digital marketing also requires engaging with specific customers and determining the sort of material that connects with them.

For anyone wishing to create a career in the industry of digital marketing, it is crucial to stay up with the ever-changing nature of the skills that are necessary. To become a great digital marketer, it is not simply necessary to master the fundamentals of email marketing, SEO, and social media but gain a mix of hard and soft talents that are positioned to generate positive disruptions in the future.

Below is a list of four digital marketing talents that employers will be on the lookout throughout this year.

Digital Marketing Skills

Key Digital Marketing Skills :

1. Data Analytics

While data analytics may seem to be a different sector, it is crucial for digital marketers to acquire a fundamental grasp to make good judgments. The analysis of data patterns may assist organizations discover the correct target audience while the demographic characteristics can help decide which channels must be picked to reach out to audiences successfully. In addition, mastering query languages such as SQL — a standard language used to store, alter, and retrieve data in databases may also provide applicants an advantage and allow them to stand out with base-level digital marketing abilities.

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2. AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning are re-shaping every business and although they may appear like highly technical abilities, digital marketers are already employing them in some form or the other. Identifying patterns on social media or doing sophisticated consumer research, AI technology is already being employed to identify target groups. For example, the potential of machine learning is being used by companies such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) which, in 2018, employed ML and text analytics to investigate internet chats and discover what worry parents had about immunizations for children. Hence, it is crucial for digital marketers today to comprehend and exploit AI and Machine Learning for more successful outreach.

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3. Video-Making Skills

Visual content is quickly becoming a mainstay for marketers across the board. Slick and attractive films may rapidly catch the attention of the consumers and represent an essential aspect of digital marketing. With the emergence of TikTok and Instagram Reels, a new ecosystem has created around video content and organizations may exploit them according to their needs. A number of firms engage agencies or build in-house teams to generate videos content. Bootstrapped firms often hunt for digital marketing specialists that can also double up as video makers. Video production requires a lot of parts – from knowing social media platforms, content research and operation of editing softwares such as Premier Pro. Once mastered, it helps applicants stand out with their skillsets.

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4. Empathy

While this would seem like a break from the cohort of talents, empathy is one of the most underestimated qualities that a digital marketer might possess. Empathy is the cornerstone for all human interactions, and for any marketing effort to be effective, it must be able to transcend and speak directly to customers. Empathy helps a digital marketer to understand what drives a target client to acquire a given product, and obtain insight into consumers’ key sentiments, worries, and wants. In essence, empathy will help a marketer to comprehend from a consumer’s position. Armed with this feature, a digital marketer may design distinctive campaigns to establish relationships between a brand and its target consumers.

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The epidemic has expedited the move towards everything virtual and corporations are increasingly dependent on digital marketers to make their goods stand out in a severely congested online environment. Recruiters, nowadays, are not simply seeking for applicants that match the basic criterion but are on the lookout for individuals who can bring extra talents to the table. 

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