Top Cloud Consulting Services in USA 2024

Because of the flexibility it provides, the cloud is quickly becoming a requirement for forward-thinking businesses. That is why we have compiled a list of the best cloud consulting services in the USA for you to consider.

Here’s the list of Cloud Consulting Services in USA

  1. PeoplActive
  2. Altoros
  3. Brainhub
  4. AJM Softwares
  5. DataArt
  6. Adastra
  7. CISIN
  8. Cleveroad
  9. TraceRoute42
  10. Teravision Technologies


Hire highly qualified senior remote developers from PeopleActive in 48 hours who are experts in Cloud, Cybersecurity, and DevOps.

Service : Cybersecurity Consulting & SI

Location : Texas, United States

Employees : 10 – 49


Altoros is a Warsaw, Poland-based software development business. Altoros, founded in 2001, employs over 350 people and specialises in cloud consulting, BI & big data consulting, blockchain, and artificial intelligence services.

Service : Cloud Consulting 

Location : Pleasanton, CA

Employees : 250 – 999 employees


Brainhub is a JavaScript software development business that creates online, desktop, and mobile applications. Brainhub employs around 40 people and has offices in Warsaw, Cracow, and Bielsko Biała. They collaborate with teams to build products from the ground up utilizing core JS technologies such as React, Electron, React Native, and Node.js.

Service : Cloud Consulting 

Location : Gliwice, Poland

Employees : 50 – 249 employees

AJM Softwares

AJM Softwares is a cloud consulting and SI firm situated in Jodhpur, India. In 2008, the midsize firm was established. Their crew is very skilled in cloud consulting and SI, web development, and mobile app development.

Service : Cloud Consulting 

Location : Jodhpur, India

Employees : 50 – 249 employees

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DataArt is a software engineering company with offices in Munich, Germany, Zug, Switzerland, London, England, and New York. They were founded in 1997 and have around 3,000 workers who primarily serve midmarket and small-business clients in the financial, healthcare, and information technology industries. Custom software development, enterprise app modernisation, and UI/UX design are among the services offered.

Service : Cloud Consulting 

Location : New York, NY

Employees : 1,000 – 9,999 employees


Adastra is a Toronto-based data and analytics firm with operations in Prague, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Germany, Sofia, Bulgaria, Bratislava, Slovakia, and Calgary, Canada. The company, which was started in 2000, employs over 1,000 people and offers BI & big data consulting & SI, cloud consulting & SI, IT managed services, and IT strategy consulting. Adastra helps large and small businesses in a variety of industries, including financial services, retail, and telecommunications.

Service : Cloud Consulting 

Location : Toronto, Canada

Employees : 1,000 – 9,999 employees


Cyber Infrastructure Inc. is a San Francisco-based IT firm with locations in Atlanta, Miami, New York, London, India, and Singapore. The 740-person company was founded in 2003 and specializes in specialized software development and SEO. They typically work with mid market companies, with a focus on IT, advertising and marketing, and gaming.

Service : Cloud Consulting 

Location : San Jose, CA

Employees : 1,000 – 9,999 employees


Cleveroad is a 2014 software development business. They have offices in Ukraine, the United States, and Norway, as well as a team of over 100 specialists. Native mobile development, web development, IT strategy, web design, new technologies, and cross-platform solutions are among their specialties.

Service : Cloud Consulting 

Location : Tallinn, Estonia

Employees : 50 – 249 employees


TraceRoute42 is a technological consulting organization with more than two employees situated in Szczecin, Poland. They were founded in 2016 and specialize in IT strategy consulting, cloud consulting, and cybersecurity solutions for small and mid-market enterprises in IT and other sectors.

Service : Cloud Consulting 

Location : Szczecin, Poland

Employees : 2 – 9 employees

Teravision Technologies

Teravision Technologies, founded in 2002, is a software company with around 250 workers. They are based in Bogotá, Colombia, and specialize in online, wearable, and mobile app development for clients ranging from small startups to huge corporations.

Service : Cloud Consulting 

Location : Bogotá, Colombia

Employees : 250 – 999 employees

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